Mosconi Pro 4|30

The masterpiece of Filippo Kania. (Chief developer Mosconi)

The MOSCONI PRO 4|30 is a high-end 4-channel amplifier with a novel Advanced AA/B amplifier technology. With this revolutionary AA/B - circuit, the PRO 4|30 runs up to 30Watts RMS in pure Class A operation and spoils the listener with everything that makes a Class A amplifier: airy, fine-drawing, detailed with incredible space.

Combining an extremely open, fine-drawn sound image with its unique naturalness, the PRO 4|30 delights from the very first bar of music.

"I wanted to achieve a sound as warm as that of tubes, as harmonious and balanced as that of BJTs, and as powerful as that of MOSFETs. My goal was not numbers, performance comparisons, or instrumental excellence."   
Expect stratospheric power efficiency? The PRO4|30 is not the amplifier for you.
Do you expect near-zero power consumption at idle? The PRO4|30 is not the right amplifier for you.
Do you expect an amplifier that heats up very little? The PRO4|30 is not the right amplifier for you.
Are you expecting an amplifier that literally takes your breath away and makes the hair on your arms stand up? Then the PRO4|30 is probably the amp you're waiting for. Its calling is to thrill you not with numbers, but with your senses.
Its special talent is to give you goosebumps while listening to music.
Certainly, the PRO4|30 is not a Usain Bold (sprinter and 8 times Olympic champion) in running or a Lasha Talakhadze (5 times World Championship gold) in weightlifting, but it is definitely an Andrea Bocelli (tenor) in singing.


Filippo Kania

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