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Aerospace 60-AMT

The AEROSPACE 60 AMT tweeter has a clear, dynamic - energetic sound image, a very good impulse response and a high low distortion.

The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) represents a speaker concept that does not require a classic voice coil.
On a thin Kapton foil (12-25µm thick), a specially designed conductor path made of thin aluminum (also only 12-25µm thick) is worked out via complex etching processes, which has a meandering course.
To achieve high manufacturing precision, the foil is folded by hand using special tools.

Unlike conventional tweeter domes, the folded AMT diaphragm in the loudspeaker does not make any movement from the front and back to produce the tones. The movement takes place in the convolutions, that is, laterally, similar to a bellows. This causes the air in the convolutions to accelerate and exit the front.
One advantage of this technology is that the diaphragm area is larger than the visible area and thus takes up less space.
Coupled with the light weight of the diaphragm, this results in a detailed and dynamic reproduction.
All housing parts are elaborately CNC machined, nickel plated, powder coated and then laser engraved. The aluminum frame can be dismantled to allow an even more compact installation.

The special copper cable with silicone jacket and braid protection is directly connected to the membrane to avoid unnecessary transitions or materials in the signal path.


  • Absolute high-end loudspeaker
  • Tweeter with AMT principle
  • Folded Kapton foil as diaphragm
  • Made in Germany


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