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Gladen Subwoofer Box Enclosure

GLADEN AUDIO's subwoofer systems offer you a wide range of precision engineered and assembled subwoofer solutions. From the tiny RSX065VB-CU to the massive SQX-Line, we have enclosure box woofers designed to meet your performance goals, budget and available space.

The enclosure parts of our VB-CU and transmissionline subwoofer enclosures are precision machined using state-of-the-art 3D milling technology, and then assembled and covered by hand.

Although we source some materials and components worldwide, we strive to build our speaker enclosures in Germany. All our VB-CU and transmissionline subwoofer enclosures are manufactured in Germany and therefore comply with all major standards.

Subwoofer enclosure boxes with the suffix -AC are available as active solutions, i.e. with a built-in power amplifier.

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