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Vehicle specific Mercedes

Gladen One 200 MB-SQ

  • 200 mm woofer
  • 2 x 120 Watts
  • 3 Ohm impedance

Perfection is a matter of details. For this reason, we have carefully selected and acoustically optimized all components of the Mercedes SQ speakers. In order to meet the high demands of a sound quality loudspeaker, we use an air-dried paper membrane in the woofer area, an aluminum membrane in the midrange and a light silk membrane in the tweeter chassis. The resulting perfection in music reproduction is breathtaking.

All speakers of the ONE-SQ series ensure brilliant highs, impressive voice reproduction and the highest precision in the fundamental range.

Overview Gladen One 200 MB-SQ

  •   Car specific woofer set for Mercedes C / E / GLC (W 205 and similar)
    200 mm neodymium magnet woofer
    matching midrange / tweeter unit: GA-ONE100.2MB-SQ

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