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Gladen Aerospace 28

  • 28 mm tweeter
  • 4 Ohm impedance

Overview AEROSPACE 28

The AEROSPACE 28 is a true "beast" among car hi-fi tweeters.

Its large-area 28mm diaphragm guarantees incredible high-frequency dynamics coupled with linear frequency response far into the vocal range. It is very universally applicable; in combination with a midrange driver, in a three-way system, you get an enormously dynamic and high-level speaker system. In a two-way system, it provides fantastic vocal reproduction and impressive spatial staggering of music.
Its aluminum enclosure, as well as the coupling volume located on the back, ensure absolute resonance-free and impulse fidelity of the music material.

Optional AEROSPACE PODs are available for better listener alignment.

  • Absolute high-end loudspeaker
  • Tweeter with coupling volume
  • Hand coated tweeter dome
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data AEROSPACE 28


  • DC resistance (Rdc):

    3,4 Ω

  • Nominal impedance (ZN):

    4 Ω

  • Resonance frequency (fs):

    720 Hz

  • Voice coil diameter:

    28 mm

  • SPL 2,83V/1m:

    93 dB

  • Dome/Kalotte:

    Fine cloth silk

  • Cut-off Frequency / Trennfrequenz:

    > 2200 Hz 12 dB/Oct
    > 1500 Hz 18 dB/Oct


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